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Interim Workforce Models

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Flexibility Offerings

Sigma’s Interim Workforce Augmentation service offers flexible, on-demand staffing solutions to bridge gaps and boost productivity. Whether you need On-Demand Specialists for projects, Fractional Executives for strategic leadership, or tailored expertise through Statement of Work Consulting, Sigma provides the agile support your business needs to thrive.

On-Demand Specialists

Pay-as-you-go access to niche support across technology architects, transformation consultants, pricing model experts and specialist operators - enabling confident pursuit of critical yet unfamiliar imperatives.

Fractional Executives

We incorporate specialized leadership capacity through interim C-suite and management professionals fulfilling temporary yet situationally vital capabilities for stewardship, accountability and oversight during pivotal stretches.

Statement of Work Consulting

Specialized skills delivered on budget encompassing tailored project scoping, fixed pricing, capability uplift included and delivery accountability across advisory initiatives.