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Instantly access to the top 1% of pre-vetted executuve talents in Nigeria. Build high-performing, diverse teams faster and more cost-effectively.
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Unmatched Executive Recruitment Expertise

Sigma’s extensive network and meticulous recruitment process ensure access to the top talents in Nigeria, perfectly aligned with your specific requirements.

Tailored Matching

Network of over 10M qualified candidates. Rigorous vetting for precise skill matching. Comprehensive assessment of technical and soft skills. End-to-end recruitment management.

200+ 5-Star Reviews & Counting

Sigma's clients praise our swift, tailored, and cost-effective recruitment solutions, from startups to established firms.

Our Expertise

Sigma specializes in recruiting for all roles and executives, serving a wide range of industries across Nigeria.

Key Recruitment Areas

From entry level to senior management, Sigma offers umatched services.

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  • Tailored recruiting solutions: contract, permanent, RPO
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